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ESRI CoverWorkplace Risks and Worker Outcomes in Ireland from a Comparative Perspective: An Analysis of the European Working Conditions Survey, 2005 and 2010
The European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) is a key survey on working conditions managed by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living a...
bales_info_sheet_coverWorking safely with bales on the farm Information Sheet
Farmers, Contractors and all on farms need to know and understand the risks involved when dealing with all types of bales.
Tractor Guide CoverGuidance on the Safe Use of Tractors and Machinery on Farms
This guidance is intended for all those who use tractors and machinery in Irish farming.
ACM CoverCarriage of Asbestos-Containing Materials by Road
This document provides guidance and information to participants who are involved in the carriage of asbestos, mixtures containing asbestos and asbesto...