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In this section you will find information and guidance developed by the Health & Safety Authority that is industry / sector specific. We have included the most relevant documentation that will help you expand your knowledge in these areas.


Bullying in the Workplace

  • Code of Practice on the Prevention and Resolution of Bullying at Work (PDF, 1009KB)


Children, Young Persons & Pregnant Employees

  • Guidance on the Protection of Pregnant, Post Natal and Breastfeeding Employees (PDF, 473KB)
  • Guidance on the Protection of Children and Young Persons (PDF, 488KB)



  • Your Steps to Chemical Safety (PDF, 1973 KB)
  • Safety Data Sheets for Hazardous Chemicals Information Sheet (PDF, 1055KB)
  • Chemical Distributors Duties REACH and CLP Information Sheet (PDF, 296KB)
  • Working in the Motor Vehicle Repair Industry Info Sheet (PDF, 240KB)
  • Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories (PDF, 169 KB)
  • Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Warehouses and Drum Stores (PDF, 238KB)


Confined Spaces

  • Code of Practice for Working in Confined Spaces (PDF, 1.6MB)


Contract Cleaning


Display Screen Equipment

  • Guide to Upper Limb Disorders in Financial Services (PDF,483KB)


Fumes, Dusts and Ventilation




Managing Health and Safety in Small Healthcare Facilities

  • Guide to the European Union (Prevention of Sharps Injuries in the Healthcare Sector) Regulations 2014 (PDF, 548KB)
  • Health and Safety Management in Healthcare (PDF, 170KB)
  • Health and Safety at Work in Residential Care Facilities (PDF, 3.0MB)
  • Guidance on the Management of Manual Handling in Healthcare (PDF, 1MB)
  • Mobile Patient Hoists and Slings Information Sheet (PDF,114KB)
  • Guidance on Lone Working in the Healthcare Sector (PDF, 1.2MB)
  • Prevention of Violence in Healthcare (PDF, 151KB)
  • Controlling Legionnaires' Disease in Healthcare Settings (PDF, 726KB)
  • Tuberculosis - Protecting Healthcare Workers From Workplace Exposure Info sheet (552KB)
  • Small Healthcare Providers Checklist (PDF, 456KB)


Manual Handling Case Studies


Night & Shift Work




Retail and Hospitality


Work Related Vehicles


Petrol Stations & ADR


Safe System of Work Plan