HSA Strategy in the Area of Occupational Health

Vision and Mission of the HSA

The Authority’s vision in the area of Occupational Health is that work will contribute positively to peoples’ health in Ireland and the mission of the Authority in achieving this vision will be to protect workers’ health from any existing and emerging work related hazards and to encourage workplace practices that promote good health. 

Download the full HSA Strategy in the Area of Occupational Health (PDF 124KB opens in new window)

Role of the Authority in Delivering the Occupational Health Strategy

The Authority will deliver this strategy using multiple integrated approaches including:

  • Prevention through inspection
  • Targeted promotion focusing on issues contributing to good workplace health
  • Intelligence gathering to focus on priority workplace issues
  • Building employer competence in meeting responsibilities and to engender enthusiasm among workers in occupational health issues
  • Champion occupational health in the curriculum at primary, secondary and third level education in Ireland
  • Deploying an educational strategy to motivate and equip existing and future workers
  • Developing strategic partnerships.