MAPP and Safety Management

The Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) document

Operators have to prepare a statement in writing that includes the operator’s aims and principles of action on the control of major-accident hazards. This is referred to as the major accident prevention policy document. This document must be designed to guarantee a high level of protection for persons and the environment by appropriate means, structures and management systems.

Issues which must be addressed by the safety management system

  • organisation and personnel, i.e. the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in the management of major hazards at all levels in the organisation. The identification of training needs of such personnel and the provision of the training so identified. The involvement of employees and subcontracted personnel working in the establishment
  • identification and evaluation of major hazards, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures for systematically identifying major hazards arising from normal and abnormal operation and the assessment of their likelihood and severity
  • operational control, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures and instructions for safe operation, including maintenance, of plant, processes, equipment and temporary stoppages
  • management of change, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures for planning modifications to, or the design of new installations, processes or storage facilities
  • planning for emergencies, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures to identify foreseeable emergencies by systematic analysis and to prepare, test and review emergency plans to respond to such emergencies and to provide specific training to the staff concerned. The training to be given to all staff including relevant sub-contracted staff
  • monitoring performance, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures for the ongoing assessment of compliance with the objectives set by the operator’s major accident prevention policy and safety management system, and the mechanisms for investigation and taking corrective action in case of non-compliance. The procedures should cover the operator’s system for reporting major accidents of near misses, particularly those involving failure of protective measures, and their investigation and follow-up on the basis of lessons learnt
  • audit and review, i.e. adoption and implementation of procedures for periodic systematic assessment of the major-accident prevention policy and the effectiveness and suitability of the safety management system; the documented review of performance of the policy and safety management system and its updating by senior management.