Notification and Charges

Operators of Seveso establishments must make a formal notification of their existence to the Authority. The notification should be updated as necessary.

The Authority must be notified when an incident occurs at an establishment. The circumstances governing major accidents and near misses and notifiable incidents are set out in the regulations.

There are charges for certain activities carried out by the Authority under the Comah regulations.

Formal Notification

A formal notification must be made to the Authority if an operator exceeds, or can anticipate exceeding, the thresholds set in the regulations.

The information to be put in the notification is set out in schedule 3 of the regulations.

Notification updates

The Notification must be updated when any of the following occur:

  • any significant increase in the quantity, or a significant change in the nature or physical form, of a dangerous substance present, or any significant change in the processes employing it,
  • modification of an establishment or an installation which could have significant repercussions on major accident hazards, or
  • permanent closure of the installation.