Safety Report

A Safety Report must be prepared and submitted to the Authority by an establishment that exceeds the thresholds of dangerous substances set out in column 3 of Schedule 1 of the regulations.

Purpose of the Safety Report

  • demonstrating that a major accident prevention policy and a safety management system for implementing it have been put into effect
  • demonstrating that major accident hazards have been identified and that the necessary measures have been taken to prevent such accidents and to limit their consequences for man and the environment
  • demonstrating that adequate safety and reliability have been incorporated into the:

(a) design and construction, and

(b) operation and maintenance,

of any installation, storage facility, equipment and infrastructure connected with its operation which are linked to major accident hazards inside the establishment

  • demonstrating that internal emergency plans have been drawn up and supplying information to enable the external plan to be drawn up in order to take the necessary measures in the event of a major accident
  • providing sufficient information to the HSA and planning authorities to enable decisions to be made in terms of the siting of new activities or developments around existing establishments
  • containing an updated inventory of the dangerous substances present in an establishment
  • The names and relevant organisations of those involved in drawing up the report should be included in the report.

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