The Consumer Products Safety and Quality Unit (CPSQ) of the European Commission has developed the EDEXIM database (European Database of EXport and IMport of certain dangerous chemicals), which includes an electronic transfer facility to register import/export of restricted chemicals under Regulation (EC) No. 649/2012.

The main objective of EDEXIM is to provide the user with information on the implementation of Regulation (EC) No. 649/2012 within the EU related to:

  • Export notifications for chemicals listed in Annex I
  • Explicit consents for chemicals listed in Parts 2 and 3
  • Import decisions made by countries participating in the PIC procedure for chemicals listed in Part 3

Online notifications

The exporter enterprise version of EDEXIM allows exporters to provide direct on-line notifications of planned exports of Annex I chemicals. Please contact the relevant DNA for further advice.

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