Procedure for Part 1 chemical

Part 1 chemicals require export notification to be submitted using ePIC.

  • These chemicals require an active Reference Identification Number (RIN) issued from ePIC before the export or import can proceed
  • Exporters and importers must notify yearly exports and imports of these PIC chemicals using ePIC, before 31st March the following year.

If you export a Part 1 chemical to countries outside the European Community you must:

  • Use ePIC to notify the proposed export at least 35 days before the date of proposed export. The ePIC User Manual for Industry Version 1.1 (60 pages) provides detailed advice
  • The active RIN provided should be placed in Box 44 of your Single Administration Document (SAD), or corresponding data element in your electronic export declaration, for presentation to Customs Authorities
  • Package and label your chemical at least to the same standards as those for sale within the European Community and, if practicable in the language of the importing country
  • Make sure that the expiry date and production date of the chemical are indicated on the label, and ensure that your chemical is exported at least six months before its expiry date
  • Supply a safety data sheet in accordance with Regulation (EC) 453/2010 (REACH), and if practicable, in the language of the importing country - see ECHA's Safety data sheet checklist
  • Comply with any instructions or requests for information required by the importing country (if applicable)
  • In the first quarter of each year, inform the DNA of the quantity of the Annex I chemical supplied to each importing country during the previous year using ePIC 1.1. The ePIC User Manual for Industry Version 1.1 (60 pages) provides advice on completing this Article 10 report


  • Subsequent exports of the same chemical to the same country within the same calendar year do not need to be notified. Thereafter, the first export each calendar year must be notified at least 35 days before the export takes place
  • Export of the same chemical to a different importing country will be considered a ‘first export’ and will also be subject to the export notification procedure

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