Procedure for Part 3 chemicals

If you export a Part 3 chemical to countries outside the European Community you must:

  • Notify the Designated National Authority (DNA) in the Member State in which the export declaration will be lodged, at least 35 days before the date of export of the chemical, using ePIC
  • The DNA will check whether the importing country importing country has given consent to import the chemical.  Such import decisions are made available by the Commission on the EDEXIM database
  • If no import decision has been provided by the importing country, the DNA will then seek the explicit consent from the relevant authority of the importing country
  • You will receive a letter from the DNA which will include the Import Decision Reference Identification Number (RIN) or the Explicit Consent or Waiver RIN and all relevant information concerning any conditions
  • All import decisions or explicit consent RIN's are registered in the EDEXIM database. All subsequent exports of the chemical to that country then have to be accompanied by that RIN
  • Package and label your chemical at least to the same standards as those for sale within the European Community and, if practicable in the language of the importing country
  • Make sure that the expiry date and production date of the chemical are indicated on the label, and ensure that your chemical is exported at least six months before its expiry date
  • Supply a safety data sheet in accordance with Regulation (EC) 453/2010 (REACH), and if practicable, in the language of the importing country
  • Comply with any instructions or requests for information required by the importing country (if applicable)
  • In the first quarter of each year, inform the DNA of the quantity of the Annex I chemical supplied to each importing country during the previous year using ePIC 1.1. The ePIC User Manual for Industry Version 1.1 (60 pages) provides advice on completing this Article 10 report


  • August 2014 - Some chemicals are added to the Annexes - see Amendments to the Rotterdam Regulation
  • The explicit consent should be provided within 60 days
  • The explicit consent provided by the importing country shall be valid for only 3 years, unless the terms of the consent require otherwise.  Exporters should contact the DNA at the end of the third calendar year to request the DNA to send a new request for explicit consent
  • For some exports of chemicals listed in Part 3, the DNA in consultation with the Commission may decide that no explicit consent is required. Exporters should discuss such exports with the DNA on a case by case basis

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