REACH 2018 Phase 6 - Submit your registration dossier

The last step to successfully register under REACH is to send a registration dossier, with all the required information, to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This is done electronically through the Agency’s secure IT system REACH-IT.

Submitting the registration dossier for a substance is the sixth and final preparatory phase of ECHA’s REACH 2018 Roadmap. Submission of the registration dossier is achieved through ECHA IT submission tools IUCLID and REACH-IT. Lead registrants will need to submit their dossier before members can submit theirs, and it is important that registrants communicate effectively. Once a registrant has submitted their dossier, they will receive a registration number after their dossier passes a series of ECHA’s checks, and the registration fee is paid. Registrants can then continue legally to manufacture and/or sell the substance on the market.

A webinar on the sixth phase of the REACH 2018 Roadmap will take place on Wednesday 30th November at 9:00am (GMT). It will show participants how to navigate in REACH-IT and submit a dossier to ECHA. It will demonstrate the most important new features of REACH-IT such as identifying the ‘tasks’ assigned and how to act on them, using the joint submission page, and how to manage and change the company information. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions from ECHA’s experts. To register for the webinar please visit ECHA's registration page or view the recorded webinar thereafter on the REACH website.

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