I am an Importer - what do I do?

Exporters and importers of PIC chemicals should notify yearly exports and imports under Article 10 before 31st March. Exceptionally Article 10 submissions are now allowed before 5pm on 26th April

An Article 10 report is not required for research or analysis chemical exports less than 10kg

Any importer of nicotine into Ireland from outside the EU in 2016 must notify the import before 5pm on 26th April

How to notify yearly imports

  • Step 1. If you do not have one, create an ECHA account using the illustrated step-by-step instructions starting on page 13 of the ECHA Accounts Manual
  • Step 2. Submit an Article 10 report in ePIC before 5pm on 26th April, including the amount of nicotine in all substances imported.
    • See advice in “Create report on imports” on page 48 of the ePIC User Manual
    • Importers need to notify the total quantity of nicotine imported in 2016
    • For imported mixtures containing nicotine (e-liquids) it is only the quantity of nicotine in the mixture that is notified  

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Each importer of chemicals listed in Annex I must ensure that the intended use of the chemical is compatible with EU restrictions

Chemical Importers Information Sheet

Find more advice on our Chemical Importers Information Sheet

See ECHA's 2-page leaflet about How to support your EU customer

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