Updating Annex XVII of REACH

Annex XVII is amended when new restrictions are agreed at EU level.  The following table lists the most recent additions/amendments. For detailed information on the nature of each restriction, please see the accompanying Commission Regulation.

Regulation DateEntry No. of Annex XVIIRestriction Regulation Number
9th February 2017


Bis(pentabromophenyl)etherCommission Regulation (EU) No. 227/2017
12th December 2016



Bisphenol A; BPA

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2235/2016
23rd June 2016


Inorganic ammonium saltsCommission Regulation (EU) No 1017/2016
22nd June 2016


Chrysotile asbestos in diaphragms for electrolysisCommission Regulation (EU) No 1005/2016
16th February 2016


Cadmium in paintCommission Regulation (EU) No 217/2016
13th January 2016


Nonylphenol ethoxylates in textilesCommission Regulation (EU) No 26/2016
22nd April 2015


Lead in articlesCommission Regulation (EU) No 628/2015

51a, b, & c

52A, b & c

The following phthalates (or other CAS and EC numbers covering the substance): DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOPCommission Regulation (EU) No 326/2015
8th May 2014641,4-dichlorobenzeneCommission Regulation (EU) No 474/2014
25th March 201447Chromium VI compoundsCommission Regulation (EU) No.301/2014
6th Dec 201350Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsCommission Regulation (EU) No.1272/2013
19th Sept 201262Phenylmercury compoundsCommission Regulation (EU) No.848/2012
19th Sept 201218aMercury in measuring devicesCommission Regulation (EU) No. 847/2012
18th Sept 201263Lead in JewelleryCommission Regulation (EU) No. 836/2012
18th Sept 201223Cadmium in plasticsCommission Regulation (EU) No. 835/2012
15th May 201261Dimethyl FumarateCommission Regulation (EU) No 412/2012
20th  May 201123CadmiumCommission Regulation (EU) No 494/2011
14th  April 201160AcrylamideCommission Regulation (EU) No. 366/2011
2nd March 201144 and 53 (deleted)Diphenylether, pentabromo derivative and PFOSCommission Regulation (EU) No. 207/2011
31st March 20103, 59, 20Dichloromethane, lamp oils and grill lighter fluids and organostannic compounds);Commission Regulation (EU) No. 276/2010


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