Vision and Goals

The vision of the Health and Safety Authority is:

Healthy, safe and productive lives.

The overall goal of the Health and Safety Authority is to make workplace safety, health and welfare an integral part of doing business in every workplace in modern Ireland.

Prevention and the Principles of prevention are the cornerstone of our strategy and this is given effect across all our activities, from inspections through to policy formation, technical services, information and guidance. 

Wherever a preventive approach is disregarded, we will take legal action to protect workers and to enforce safety in the workplace.

Strategic Goals

The chief aims of the Authority are to ensure that workers in Ireland and people affected by work return home safely to their families and that everyone is protected from the harmful effects of chemicals. The Authority’s Strategy Statement 2016-18 sets out our mandate, mission, vision, priorities and strategic outcomes to the end of 2018.

We have identified five strategic goals that will help us achieve our vision and mission. Over the three-year period of the strategy, we will work with all our stakeholders to make progress in achieving these goals. Our annual programme of work will set out the specific programmes and actions we will put in place to support these goals. The six strategic goals for the Health and Safety Authority are:

  1. Health: Increase the focus on work-related health risks.
  2. Safety: Maintain and develop the advances achieved in the management of work-related safety risks.
  3. Chemicals: Focus on the risks to human safety and health arising from chemicals used at work and by the general public.
  4. Accreditation: Provide an impartial, internationally recognised accreditation service, responsive to market demands through the Irish National Accreditation Board.
  5. How we work: Continue to change and transform the way we work