Statement of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) in relation to transition to Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) First Aid Response (FAR)

22nd February 2017

By way of update, the transition from Occupational First Aid (OFA) to PHECC FAR is progressing well.

PHECC has already approved a number of organisations as PHECC FAR Instructor Recognised Institutions (RIs). The current list of RIs can be found at Additional applications are currently being processed.

Existing OFA instructors can now apply to the RIs approved to provide FAR Instructor to become a PHECC FAR instructor by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Instructors registered with the Occupational First Aid Assessment Agent (OFAAA) prior to 31 October 2016 can continue to offer the OFA award and do not require reassessment at this time but are advised to become FAR instructors.

Individuals wishing to become instructors for the first time (i.e. those not on the OFAAA register prior to 31 October 2016) should familiarise themselves with PHECC FAR Instructor requirements at

The HSA currently recognises both the PHECC FAR and OFA learner certificates as meeting the needs of OFA in the workplace. At a future date however, the HSA will only recognise the PHECC FAR award.

Separate to the HSA, certain organisations in the public sector have indicated that soon they will only recognise the PHECC FAR award.

As and from 31 October 2016, OFAAA ceased to exist. The HSA does not recognise any body purporting to offer OFAAA services since 31 October 2016.