How will Help My Business?

Effective safety management is known to reduce accidents. It is estimated that every year in Ireland small business will account for 15,000 workplace injuries with the average cost of a workplace injury to an employer in manufacturing is estimated at €9,000, while in retail it is estimated at €3,000.

A safe and healthy workplace is good for business – this information sheet outlines the clear business case for managing safety and health. has been developed to help businesses do risk assessments and prepare a safety statement for their workplace. Since the launch of in February 2011 feedback from registered users indicates that using results in a saving of at least 90% in both cost and time! aims to:

  • Reduce the administration burden
  • Increase guidance & support for employers in the small business sector
  • Simplify management of health & safety
  • Improve staff morale & motivation
  • Raise safety standards thereby reducing absenteeism, downtime and repair costs etc.
  • Reduce costs to business
  • Protect workers and business viability
  • Reduce the time required for employers to prepare their risk assessments and safety statement
  • Eliminate the perception that many employers have that health and safety is time consuming, onerous, costly and outside of their competence
  • Increase compliance levels of small business as owners are empowered to take control and take more responsibility for day-to-day safety management. - Easy to Use

  • Ease of use and easy to navigate
  • Easily accessible – available 24/7 at a time and location convenient to the business owner/manager
  • Free and confidential - only the user has access to their account
  • Implements complex legislation in a simple manner – uses plain English
  • Using responsive design to ensure can be used on all types of electronic devices from desktops, laptops to tablets and smartphones

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