Damaged Pedestrian Surfaces Safeguards to Control Slips, Trips and Falls

Convenience store fined £250k for pothole (December, 2017)

Woman loses front teeth in fall on uneven street cobbles (July, 2017)

  • The majority of "uneven surface" victims were male
  • Factors in relation to "uneven surfaces" include vehicleswalkways and yards

Damaged flooring paving

  • Identify poorly maintained, damaged floors or paving
  • Repair and take steps to prevent future damage
  • Contractors may be required to assist with repairs and some contractors now offer a fixed-price service

Surveys of footpaths and pedestrian areas for trip and fall hazards are available from private companies in Ireland

The Napo animated video "Report it" (1 minute, 12 seconds) shows the importance of reporting hazards and cordoning them off

This video (46 seconds) shows an animated fall in a pothole and real-life video filling a pothole