Mats, Rugs Safeguards to Control Slips, Trips and Falls

Mats rugs

Mats and rugs can be used for decorative purposes or to reduce slip risks. They may pose a slip, trip or fall hazard themselves

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In 2012, floor mats were not relevant in about half the HSA visits where examined. This is probably because these workplaces have wet-working areas and large external working areas.

In 2012, 35% of 1,783 HSA workplace visits found the employer did not have a procedure that floor mats are used to reduce slip risks

  • Identify mats and rugs - decorative or functional
  • Ensure mats and rugs are properly designed/ fitted
  • Use heavy mats
  • Recess mats into flooring
  • Use weighted edges
  • Fix edges in place
  • Highlight edges with a contrasting colour
  • Where mats deal with a floor that is regularly wet, consider local drainage near mats
  • Follow the detailed advice for use of mats as Entrance Mats

HSE UK has a wide range of case studies including effective matting systems