Chemicals A - Z




ADR for Business 2095 KB PDF

ADR Packaged Goods Vehicle Packaging and Load Security Poster 481 KB PDF

ADR Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road Equipment Poster 209 KB PDF

ADR Vehicle Equipment & Documentation Tanks Poster 269 KB PDF

ADR Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Poster 225 KB PDF

Asbestos-Containing Materials - Carriage by Road 953 KB PDF

Asbestos Containing Materials 2432 KB PDF

Asbestos Information Sheet 2509 KB PDF

Asbestos - Safety Alert

Asbestos Safety for Tradespeople

Asthma - FAQ

Asthma - Guidelines 313KB PDF

Occupational Asthma



Biological Agents Regulations 1.42 MB PDF

Biological Agents Regulations - Code of Practice 2013 538 KB PDF

Biological Agents Regulations - Guidelines 1482 KB PDF

Biological Monitoring Guidelines 1847 Kb


Carbon Monoxide Information Sheet 122 KB PDF

Carbon Monoxide Safety Alert - Wood Pellets

Carcinogens Regulations 2001 & 2015

Chemical Agents Regulations 2001 & 2015

Chemical Safety Information Sheet 384 KB PDF

CLP Regulation

CLP Classification & Labelling Elements Posters

CLP for Chemical Distributors 302 KB PDF

CLP Hazard & Precautionary Statements Posters

CLP Hazard Labelling & Packaging Information Sheet 1053 KB PDF

CLP for Retailers 254 KB PDF

CLP of Substances & Mixtures 975 KB PDF

Code of Practice for the Chemical Agents Regulations 2020 1122KB PDF

Composting information sheet 289 KB PDF

Communicating Chemical Hazards at Work Information Sheet 520kb

Confined Space - Safety Alert

Confined Spaces


Safety in Contract Cleaning 1038 KB PDF


Dangerous Substances Campaign (external site) 

Dermal Exposure Information Sheet 269 KB PDF


Detergents - Labelling & Packaging 1919KB PDF

Duties of a Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGSA) 1390 KB PDF

Dermatitis - FAQ

Dermatitis - Guidelines 515KB PDF

Occupational Dermatitis

Diesel Engine Exhaust - Safe Working Information Sheet276 KB


European Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-2019

European Healthy Workplaces - Campaign Guide


Epoxy Resins Information Sheet 222 KB PDF

Export and Import of Chemicals information sheet 466 KB PDF

Export/Import – Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent


Chemical Safety on the Farm

Refrigerated Seawater Systems on Fishing Vessels - Safety Alert


Gas Safety Alert

Generator - Safety Alert

Grain Storage - Safety Alert


Health Surveillance - Asthma and Dermatitis

Home Heating Oil Information Sheet 1237 KB PDF

Hot Work- Safety Alert

Guidance for the Management of Household Waste at Civic Amenity Sites 6783 KBPDF


Chemical Importers Information Sheet 634 KB PDF     

Isocyanates Information Sheet 757 KB PDF




Labelling of chemicals in the workplace

Laundry Liquid Capsules- Safety Alert

Safety with Lead at Work 481 KB PDF

Legionella Control - Water Cooling Towers  2008 KB

Legionnaires Disease Information Sheet.html 130 KB

Local Exhaust Ventilation 6066 KB PDF

LPG- Liquid Petroleum Gas

LPG Cylinders Safety Alert

LPG Cylinders - Safety Alert


Machine Made Mineral Information Sheet 353 KB PDF

Motor Vehicle Repair Hazardous Chemicals 1704 KB

Motor Vehicle Repair Information Sheet 1704 KB PDF


Nail Bars Information Sheet 

Nanoparticles Information Sheet 295 KB PDF


HSA Online Learning - Chemical Safety Courses

Occupational Asthma and Dermatitis

Portable Medical Oxygen - Safety Alert


Petrol Stations – Emergency Response Plans 199 KB PDF

PPE Guide for use with Chemical Agents in the workplace 1270 KB PDF

Poisons Information Centre

Pregnant, Post Natal and Breastfeeding Employees



REACH Regulation

REACH - Authorisation Information Sheet 1112 KB PDF   

REACH – for Chemical Distributors 302 KB PDF

REACH - Registration

REACH – Restriction

REACH – Substances of Very High Concern

Respiratory Protective Equipment 900 KB PDF


Crystalline Silica Dust Information Sheet 354 KB PDF

Mobile Sandblaster- Safety Alert

Sewerage Systems - Safety Alert

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Information Sheet 252 KB PDF

Spray Polyurethane Foam Information Sheet 350 KB PDF

Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories 169 KB PDF

Storage of Hazardous Chemicals in Warehouses & Drum Stores 238 KB PDF


THOR - Research Network Information 2018  263 KB PDF       




Chemical Weapons

Wetstock Reconciliation at Fuel Storage Facilities 5753 KB PDF

Woodworking Information Sheet 584 KB PDF

Wood Pellets - Safety Alert



Your Steps to Chemical Safety 1973 KB PDF