Export and Import of Dangerous Chemicals


PIC chemical exports to outside the EU must be notified 35 days in advance.

  • UK PIC exporters - If the UK leaves the EU on October 31st, exports of PIC chemicals to the UK should have been notified before 26th September using ECHA’s “How to ..” guide
  • New PIC exporters - If possible, consider submitting one sample notification to get familiar with the process
  • 2020 PIC exporters - Should submit export notifications before 26th November

The Export Import Regulation

Regulation (EU) No 649/2012 (as amended) places obligations on exporters of certain hazardous chemicals when exporting to non-EU countries.

The objective is to allow countries to monitor and to control the export and import of certain hazardous chemicals. It allows countries to refuse export and/or to place certain conditions on their import.

The Export Import Regulation:

  • Implements the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides in international trade
  • Promotes shared responsibility and cooperative efforts in the international movement of hazardous chemicals in order to protect human health and the environment
  • Contributes to the environmentally sound use of hazardous chemicals
  • Imposes the same packaging and labelling requirements as apply within the EU to all exports of all dangerous substances

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