Retail and Private Petroleum Storage

Under the Dangerous Substances Act 1972, persons storing petroleum spirit (petrol), at both private storage facilities and retail facilities must hold a licence.

The licensing of petrol storage facilities is a matter for the relevant local authority (commonly the local Fire Department) or harbour authority.


The Dangerous Substances (Retail and Private Petroleum Stores) Regulations S.I. 311 of 1979 , as amended, detail the legislative requirements governing the design and operation of such facilities including delivery and dispensing of petrol.


In addition, retail facilities and private stores that are a place of work, must comply with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and relevant legislation made under that Act.

In particular, employers must prepare or have prepared a safety statement based on a risk assessment approach. The ATEX Directive No.1992/92, which is concerned with the risks from fire and explosion arising from flammable substances stored or used in the workplace also applies.