Presentation Tralee pupils present findings of household chemical safety project to Health and Safety Authority

Friday 21st March

Two Transition Year pupils, Aoife Sheehan and Hannah O'Connor, from Presentation Secondary school, Tralee, met with representatives from the Health and Safety Authority, to present the findings of their BT Young Scientist project , "The Dangers of Household Chemicals to Young Children". Representatives of the National Poison Information Centre of Ireland also attended the event which took place on Wednesday 12th March in the Authority's Dublin headquarters.

Welcoming Aoife and Hannah, Senior Chemicals Inspector, Yvonne Mullooly said, "Hannah and Aoife's research is of interest to the Authority as it has raised the very important issue of awareness levels around the dangers of household cleaners and detergents, particularly in relation to children between the ages of 0-5 years. There are a variety of potentially harmful substances that are often too easily accessible in the home to children - everything from cleaning products such as dishwasher liquidtabs to medicines which could have potentially lethal consequences."

Assistant Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Authority, Dr Sharon McGuinness also welcomed Aoife and Hannah adding, "Parents must be vigilant about the safe and secure storage of cleaners and detergents in their homes as they are dangerous chemicals, if not used in the correct way. The project also showed low levels of awareness around the meaning of hazard symbols on everyday chemicals. However, prevention is always the best approach and all chemicals, be they in the house, garden or farm, should be kept in a secure area and away from children. We look forward to further research by Hannah and Aoife in this important area."

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