EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Conference 2023

Safe and Healthy Work in the Digital Age (Cork and Dublin)

EU Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2023-2025

The Health and Safety Authority held two seminars on the EU Healthy Workplaces Campaign which aims to raise awareness around the Occupational Safety and Health challenges, risks and opportunities related to the digital age.

Who are these seminars for?

All interested individuals or organisations of any size and of any sector, including;

  • Employers, managers, workers and safety reps from public and private sectors
  • Policymakers
  • OSH research community
  • Safety professionals
  • Media
  • Suppliers, designers, programmers in area of digitisation
  • Start-up community
  • Relevant government bodies

Speakers and Topics:

  • Patricia Murray, Work and Organisational Psychologist, HSA - Psychosocial Risks in the Changing World of Work
  • Colleen Butler, HSA Inspector (Human Factors) - Automation: A Human Factors Perspective
  • Padraig Delaney, HSA Inspector, (Policy and Technical) - Robotics, Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace.
  • Michael Gillen, IBEC, - Digitalisation, an employer’s perspective
  • Brian Molloy, HSA Inspector - Managing remote working and a distributed workforce – occupational health and safety guidance and supports

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EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability Conference

Hosted by HSA and EPA

The Health and Safety Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency hosted the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability in October 2023, focusing on what the future may hold for EU chemicals legislation.

The European Commission published a chemicals strategy for sustainability on 14 October 2020. It is part of the EU’s zero pollution ambition, which is a key commitment of the European Green Deal. There are a number of actions already underway under the strategy, spanning key chemical and circular economy policy areas.

Gain an up to date insight from a diverse range of speakers including those from the European Commission, ECHA and the EEA, into actions under the strategy and what the future may look like for stakeholders.

Video Recordings

Download the presentations below

Webinar on Practical Ergonomic Risk Assessment in Construction November 23rd 2023

The Health and Safety Authority in conjunction with the Construction Industry Federation and the Irish Human Factors and Ergonomics Society hosted this webinar on practical ergonomics risk assessment tools tailored for those working in construction.

Ergonomics aims to design tasks so that people can perform their work within their capabilities, protecting their musculoskeletal health while enabling them to work more efficiently.

Attendees gained an insight to practical risk assessment tools to quantify ergonomic risks. They also gained an understanding of the importance of controlling risk through the introduction of innovative engineering solutions or by changing the way work is planned and organised. The webinar includes case studies demonstrating the application of practical approaches to risk assessment and problem solving through worker consultation. The case studies also detail the tangible benefits arising from the interventions by way of reduced risk of musculoskeletal injury or ill health, improved human performance and productivity.

Who is the webinar for?

The workshop will be of a particular interest to:

  • Health and Safety Professionals
  • Project Supervisors for the Design Process
  • Project Supervisors for the Construction stage
  • Designers for Construction Projects
  • Contractors
  • Safety Representatives
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Others that have an interest in the science and management of work

Webinar Topics and Speakers

Managing Ergonomic Risk Exposure: H.S.A. Strategy and Intervention

Frank Power – Senior Ergonomist (Inspector), Health and Safety Authority

Introduction to the Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tool

Ita Leyden (Leyden Consulting & Engineering)

Practical use of the Rapp Tool and Art Tool 

Ita Leyden (Leyden Consulting Engineering)

Before Watching

Please make use of the below documents and resources before attending this webinar: