COVID-19 Templates and Checklists

These checklists and templates have been prepared to help employers, business owners and managers to get their business up and running again and to inform workers about what they need to do to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

They have been drafted based on the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol and should be read in conjunction with the Return to Work Safety Protocol. Employers and workers must work together to keep workplaces safe.  These checklists will help you to do that.  

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Return to Work FormWord ǀ PDF
COVID-19 Response PlanWord ǀ PDF

Employer Checklists   

Checklist 1: Planning and PreparingWord ǀ PDF
Checklist 2: Control Measures to Prevent InfectionWord ǀ PDF
Checklist 3: COVID-19 Induction Word ǀ PDF
Checklist 4: Dealing with a Suspected Case of COVD-19Word ǀ PDF 
Checklist 5: Cleaning and DisinfectionWord ǀ PDF

Employee Checklist

Checklist 6: WorkersWord ǀ PDF

Worker Representative(s) Checklist

Checklist 7: Worker Representative(s) ChecklistWord ǀ PDF