Training - Driver & Vehicle Crew

You must be or you must use a suitably trained driver certified to drive vehicles carrying dangerous goods subject to national legislation/ADR. As there are exemptions to the rule you may require advice from a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) to establish whether formal certification is necessary in your circumstance.

In general all tank vehicle activity requires a driver certified for carriage in tanks and for the dangerous goods being carried. For packaged dangerous goods there are thresholds under which a certified driver may not be necessary. Guidance on the various exemptions that may be available to you, and your relevant training requirements, is provided in section 6 in our guide on the carriage of dangerous goods by road.

Note it is a legal duty for consignors of dangerous goods to inform the carrier of the nature and quantity of the dangerous goods to be carried.

Submissions by prospective ADR Driver Training Providers

Please note the submission of new applications and applications for the re-approval certification of ADR Driver Training providers should be directed to the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) from the 1 January 2013. Contact can be made via the CILT website or Tel.: 01 6763188. 

ADR Driver Exams

Details on exam fees, exam dates and related information is available from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport at

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Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) (updated 25 April 2016)