Calving Safety

A quarter of Irish farm accidents and one fifth of farm deaths in older farmers are livestock-related. Attacks by recently calved cows are a common cause of such accidents like Brendan McLaughlin’s.

Follow these precautions to help keep yourself safe:

  • Keep a physical barrier, like a gate or crush, between you and the cow when removing or handling the calf. Well designed calving pens and gates minimise the direct contact between farmer and animal.
  • Plan your escape routes in advance before you enter a pen or handle an animal.
  • Never turn your back on the cow when handling the calf.
  • The calving area should provide enough space, be tidy, well-bedded with clean dry straw, free of obstructions and have good lighting.
  • A calving camera and non-slip calving jack can reduce the stress levels for farmers and animals.
  • Tiredness is a particular risk at calving time and may impair your good judgement. Prioritise rest and look after your physical and mental health.
  • Be aware of zoonotic infections which can be contracted by farmers and vets around calving. Always wear arm length gloves and washable protective clothing and boots.

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