The "Keep Safe" Programme

"Keep Safe" is based on the highly successful Bee Safe programme which has been running in Northern Ireland since 1990. This event brings 5th and 6th class primary school pupils together with local agencies and organisations with a safety remit. The programme has a direct link to the curriculum at primary school, with particular relevance to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). It also helps pupils deal with the transition to secondary school.

Keep Safe Fire Brigade

What is involved in a "Keep Safe" event?

State agencies and regional organisations with a safety remit  come together to talk to children with a common message – Keeping Safe. The event promotes safety and community awareness through involving the children in a series of interactive scenarios, with a strong safety theme.

"Keep Safe" takes place over a morning where children from local schools come to a central venue for an event accompanied by their teachers.

The common themes for all scenarios include:

  • Children are educated to change their behaviour and attitudes in order to stay safe
  • Children improve their understanding of everyday situations where accidents are likely to occur
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.


The HSA plans these events around the country on an ongoing basis. The events are facilitated by Junior Achievement Ireland.


Access the Keep Safe Quiz here

HSA Keep Safe Garda Road Safety

Comments from recent Keep Safe Events

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the day. Each station was well organised and they were encouraged to ask questions. They are more aware of the dangers around them now and understand how to deal with it. They were surprised by how dangerous it can be to charge phones and tablets at night, when left unattended. Keep Safe is a very informative event!”

Róisín Nic Oireachtaigh, Scoil na gCeithre Maol


“Keep Safe is a fantastic idea and well worth attending for our 6th class children. It covers so many areas, which would not be covered in school. They ask lots of questions and were eager to hear all of the information at each of the stations!”

Carol Boyle, Scoil Phádraig, Ballina


“ Keep Safe was an extremely well organised event which was both enjoyable and informative for the students. It makes such a difference to hear the various safety guidelines from the professionals as opposed to their teacher! The structure of the event was excellent and it was great to hear from many different experts at each station, who covered as much practical material as possible.”

Jimmy Byrne, Culleens N.S.


“Keep Safe is a very enjoyable, interactive, well organised experience. They were encouraged to think about situations that they previously hadn’t encountered, in everyday circumstances. They got a lot of information in the ten minute sessions, which really helped to keep them interested throughout the morning.

Delores Castro, Behy N.S., Ballina


“This event was a super opportunity for the children to experience an array of real life situations in a safe environment. It was an interactive and hands on experience which the children really engaged in. The agencies gave very professional presentations, which I have no doubt will bring greater safety awareness to our students.”

Michael Grath, Scoil Íosa, Ballina

I believe that attending Keep Safe Ardee will really benefit my students.  Vital information from experts, instead of listening to a powerpoint presentation from a teacher is a lot more effective!   Keeping a ten minute time limit was ideal as it maintained focus and the interactive nature of the activities made it a hugely positive experience!

Roddy McCoy, Monastery National School Ardee

Keep Safe Ardee was a great mix of information and hands on experiences!   The children enjoyed moving between the stations - it kept them motivated and eager to learn.  Extremely positive and informative experience!

Maria Cawley, Ardee Educate Together National School

HSA Keep Safe will help the students make wiser choices in the wider world.  It was excellent to have presentations from professionals and volunteers, who can help them relate to real life situations outside of the classroom.  There was a great variety of audio visual, talks, listen & respond and interactivity, all done at a good pace.   Keep Safe was a really well organised event which really engaged our students!

Donna Greenan, Scoil Mhuire na Trocaire,  Ardee

‘The HSA Keep Safe event was excellently organised and having all the different agencies there made it a very enjoyable experience for the students. I fully expect my students to take on board what was covered today – 6th class is an ideal age, as this event makes them aware that their responsibility is changing, as they get older. The small groups was a great idea as it facilitated questions and answers, and they got a better understanding of the safety measures at each station.’

Peter Dooley, Ballapousta National School


“ I believe that the children are now more equipped to deal with a dangerous situation and are more aware of the importance of safety.  It was very well organised and efficient and the speakers engaged very well with the children.”

Ms Callanan, Crinkill NS, Co Offaly

“ Keep Safe was very active and relevant to their age and experience. The small groups worked really well, as it was very active and engaging.”

Lena Grace, St. Brendan’s  NS, Birr, Co Offaly

“Keep Safe covered a huge amount of health and safety  activities that are ‘real life’ experiences . Well done to all that organised it, the fact that it was only 10 minutes per presentation kept it very interesting for them and they got the message from every agency “

Annette Ryan Gath, Mercy Primary NS, Birr, Co Offaly