Emergency Planning

Objectives of emergency plans

  • contain and control incidents so as to minimise the effects, and to limit damage to human health, the environment and property
  • implement the measures necessary to protect human health and the environment from the effects of major accidents
  • communicate the necessary information to the public and to the services or authorities concerned in the area
  • provide for the restoration and clean-up of the environment following a major accident

There are 2 types of emergency plan:

Local Competent Authority Annual Report of Activities (for EEPs)

Local Competent Authorities (LCAs) must submit a report to the Central Competent Authority (CCA) on their activities under Regulations 16 and 17 (External Emergency Plans) within 2 months of the end of each calendar year.

The CCA have prepared an electronic form which must be used by the relevant LCA to make the annual report. A guidance document to assist in completing the form has also been prepared and both it and the report form are available to download below.

LCA Annual Report of Activities Form

Guide to completing LCA Annual Report of Activities Form

A sample LCA annual report of activities form is available here - summary sheet, establishment sheet.

Testing and review of Emergency Plans

Emergency plans must be:

  • reviewed and, where necessary, revised and updated
  • tested

as often as the circumstances require, but at least every 3 years.

Timelines for submission of COMAH documentation