External emergency plans

This is a duty of local competent authorities (Local authority, HSE, Gardai) in relation to Upper-tier establishments

The following must be included in an external emergency plan (EEP)

(a) Names or positions of persons authorised to set emergency procedures in motion and of persons authorised to take charge of and coordinate off-site action

(b) Arrangements for receiving early warning of incidents, and alert and call-out procedures

(c) Arrangements for coordinating resources necessary to implement the external emergency plan

(d) Arrangements for providing assistance with on-site mitigatory action

(e) Arrangements for off-site mitigatory action, including responses to major accident scenarios as set out in the safety report and consider­ing possible domino effects, including those having an impact on the environment;

(f) Arrangements for providing the public and any neighbouring estab­lishments or sites that fall outside the scope of these Regulations in accordance with Regulation 9 with specific information relating to the accident and the behaviour which should be adopted;

(g) Arrangements for the provision of information to the emergency services of other Member States in the event of a major accident with possible transboundary consequences

The local competent authorities (LCAs) must submit a report to the Authority on their activities in relation to EEPs within 2 months of the end of each calendar year. The Authority will provide guidelines to the LCAs on the information to be covered by the report as required by Regulation 17(5).