When and How Do I Report an Accident/Dangerous Occurrence

Employers and the Self Employed have a duty to report accidents and dangerous occurrences (Reportable Incidents) that happen to themselves, their employees, or persons not in their employment where the accident occurs at their place of work or a place of work where they have control. The exact reporting requirements are detailed in the legislation below and more information is available in our FAQ's

Part X: Notification of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 58-63 of the SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK (GENERAL APPLICATION) REGULATIONS, 1993

Reportable accidents are notified to the Authority on the IR1 form and Dangerous Occurrences (Reportable Incidents) are Notified to the Authority on the IR3 form. This can be carried out on line by registering by clicking on the Report an Accident Button.

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Employers can report accidents on the official IR1 Form, the HSA only accept the pre-printed forms published by the Authority photocopies are not acceptable, copies of the IR1 form are available from the Publications Section of the HSA by Telephoning 1890 289 389 or if calling from outside of the Republic of Ireland +353 1 6147000.