Manual Handling Case Study Video Series 1

The case scenarios included in the clips are intended as an aid to managers when carrying out manual handling task specific assessments. The scenarios and controls selected outline one example of a particular handling task but cannot take into account all the possible circumstances in a workplace. The assessor should select a control that best addresses the need in their particular circumstance.

With all the scenarios it is important to evaluate the controls selected to ensure they have effectively reduced the risk.

Manual Handling Videos 1
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The Manual Handling Risk Assessment Process

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1. Barrel Handling
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Manual Handling - Barrell Handling Video clip00:56Windows Media PlayerApple Quicktime VideoFlash Player Logo
2. Material Handling System
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Manual Handling - Material Handling System clip01:18/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
3. Packing and Shipping Station
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Manual Handling - Packing and Shipping Station clip02:28/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
4. Warehouse Storage
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Manual Handling - Warehous Storage clip01:31/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
5 Meat Processing Task
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Manual Handling - Meat Processing clip02:16/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
6. Maintenance Operation
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Manual Handling - Maintenance Operation clip01:23/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
7. Material Handling from Mezzanine Floor
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Manual Handling - Material Handlilng from Mezzanine Floor clip01:27/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
8. Repetitive Packing Operation
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Manual Handling - Repetitive Packing Operation02:15/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo
9. Manual Handling of Reels
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Manual Handling - Reels clip01:39/images_upload/wmv_icon.gif/images_upload/quicktime_icon.gifFlash Player Logo