Catering and Hospitality

Hospitality GeneralKitchen EquipmentBarsAccommodation and Housekeeping

Hospitality General

Part 1 of Safe Hospitality provides general advice for the catering and hospitality sector and section 1.20 on Legionnaires' disease was revised in April 2011

Kitchen Equipment

Part 2 on kitchen equipment was revised in June 2012 to advise on standing on deep fat fryers, locating steam equipment and extract canopy cleaning frequency


Part 3 of Safe Hospitality deals with bars, pub cellars/ keg stores and cellar hatches

Accommodation and Housekeeping

Part 4 of Safe Hospitality deals with room servicing and laundry rooms

Leisure AreasMachinery in Larger PremisesThe LawSimple Safety

Leisure Areas

Part 5 of Safe Hospitality deals with leisure areas such as pools, treatment rooms, gyms

Machinery in Larger Premises

Part 6 of Safe Hospitality deals with machinery and equipment more commonly found in larger premises

The Law

Part 7 of Safe Hospitality outlines some of the main health, safety and welfare laws

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Simple Safety® is a series of practical tools in a rangeof languages for those with under ten staff

For Further Information

Community Service Ordered for Accident that Resulted in the Death of a Bar Worker (22/10/2014)

Dispense Gas in Pub Cellars (4 pages)

Manual Handling Risk Assessment in the Hospitality Sector (22 pages)

Manual Handling Case Studies including barrel handling and handling hotel linen

Preventing exposure to carbon monoxide from use of solid fuel appliances in commercial kitchens (December 2015)

Protective grilles in swimming pools

Safety Alerts issued by the Authority

Safety Representatives Resource Book (May 2015)

Trends and Patterns in Occupational Health and Safety in Ireland from the Economic and Social Research Institute (2015)

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