Chemical Safety in the Workplace level 2 no available

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has launched a free short on-line course, on chemical safety in the workplace on its e-learning portal, The course is aimed at workers, supervisors and safety representatives, in any sector where chemicals are used. The 30 minute course follows on from the introductory chemical safety course launched last year. It provides more in-depth information on:

  • Understanding hazard pictograms and signal words
  • Labels and safety data sheets, and
  • Managing chemicals safely

This course will be of interest to employers as a way of raising awareness amongst their employees of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The group manager facility means that employers, managers or tutors can register groups of learners to take the course and remotely monitor their progress. Learners can take courses at their own pace and can download a certificate of completion on passing the short assessment. Although not a formal qualification, certification can form part of an individual’s training or continuous professional development record.

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