Mining Legislation

Extensive legislation is in place to regulate safety, health and welfare in the mining industry.

This legislation is currently being rationalised by the H.S.A. in line with modern mining practices to replace the Mines and Quarries Act 1965 and any Regulations made under that Act.

Details of current legislation made under the Mines and Quarries Act of 1965 are detailed below.


 Mines Regulations and Orders made under the Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

YearTitleS.I. No
1970Mines and Quarries Act, 1965 (Commencement) Order, 1970  No. 73
1970Mines (Managers and Officials) Regulations, 1970(part of Reg. 29(3) –REVOKED).No. 74
1970Mines and Quarries (Reference) Rules, 1970No. 75
1970Mines and Quarries (Notification of Dangerous Occurrences) Order, 1970 No. 76
1970Mines (Surveyors and Plans) Regulations, 1970No. 78
1970Mines and Quarries (Birth Certificates) Regulations, 1970 No. 110
1971Mines and Quarries (Notification of Diseases) Order, 1971 No. 61
1971Mines and Quarries Inquiries (Draft Regulations) Rules, 1971 No. 219
1971Mines (Locomotive) Regulations, 1971No. 238
1972Mines (Fire and Rescue) Regulations, 1972 (Regulations 25(c), 28(1)(a), 28(1)(c), 28(1)(e) and 37(2)(a) partly REVOKED  and the Second Schedule revoked - see S.I. No. 357 of 1995) No. 226 
1973Mines (Mechanically Propelled Vehicles) Regulations, 1973 No. 153
1974Mines and Quarries (General Register) Regulations, 1974No. 97
19751975 Mines (General) Regulations, 1975(Reg. 31,60,67,70-72 REVOKED)No. 331
1977 Tara Mine (Winding) Regulations, 1977No. 14
1979 Mines (Electricity) (Amendment) Regulations, 1979No. 125
1979Mines (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 1979No. 279
1987Mines (Safety Training) Regulations, 1987No.85
1991Employment Equality Act, 1977(Employment of Females on Underground Work in Mines) Order, 1989No. 153 

You can download full electronic copies of the regulations from the Attorney General’s website

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