The "Keep Safe" Programme

"Keep Safe" is based on the highly successful Bee Safe programme which has been running in Northern Ireland since 1990. This event brings 5th and 6th class primary school pupils together with local agencies and organisations with a safety remit. The programme has a direct link to the curriculum at primary school, with particular relevance to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). It also helps pupils deal with the transition to secondary school.

Keep Safe Fire Brigade

What is involved in a "Keep Safe" event?

State agencies and regional organisations with a safety remit  come together to talk to children with a common message – Keeping Safe. The event promotes safety and community awareness through involving the children in a series of interactive scenarios, with a strong safety theme.

"Keep Safe" takes place over a morning where children from local schools come to a central venue for an event accompanied by their teachers.

The common themes for all scenarios include:

  • Children are educated to change their behaviour and attitudes in order to stay safe
  • Children improve their understanding of everyday situations where accidents are likely to occur
  • Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.


The HSA plans these events around the country on an ongoing basis. The events are facilitated by Junior Achievement Ireland.


Access the Keep Safe Quiz here

HSA Keep Safe Garda Road Safety

Comments from recent Keep Safe Events


“Keep Safe was a fantastic, hands-on learning experience for the students and was well planned and ran like clockwork! The stations were very informative and it was great that the group sizes were small, as the children listened and were interested. I would highly recommend the Keep Safe event.”

“I think that the children will definitely have a change in attitude towards their safety. Each instructor gave them great safety plans and really brought the lessons to their level and made them relevant to their lives.”

Mary Breen, Wexford E.T.N.S.

“I believe they have learned more about safety and how to deal with many different situations. They really engaged with the agencies as the equipment they used and the videos were excellent. They were very professional and the communication of the advice was excellent.”

Adrian Flynn, Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts

 “Keep Safe Wexford was very informative, well organised and enjoyable event. I think it will definitely make our students think about the different safety topics and will perhaps change their attitude in some areas too.” 

Dearbhla Mhic Chaoilte, Gaelscoil Charman 

“I watched my class listen intently to all the presenters and would be confident that they will all have increased awareness towards safety in all aspects of life. Keep Safe was excellently organised and each of the agencies presented very well. The idea of working in small groups worked brilliantly - I would certainly bring my class again if the opportunity arose.”

Bobby Cummings, CBS Primary School, Wexford

‘I was very impressed with the organisation of the Keep Safe event, it was really excellent and the use of bibs for the students was a great idea. I feel the students have benefitted hugely from the morning and most definitely have a change in attitude to their safety. The structure of the event was excellent and they particularly loved learning about CPR!’

Niamh Ahern – Mallow Convent Primary School

 ‘Keep Safe Mallow was very well organised – the 10 minute stations worked very well, as they contained practical elements and kept the children’s concentration. The staff and agency volunteers were very welcoming and explained things very well to the children. They really got a good insight in to the use of equipment for health and safety and they will now be a lot more aware of the various aspects of safety in day to day life.’

Gavin O’Brien – St Patrick’s National School

 ‘The children really enjoyed Keep Safe. The agency staff communicated very well and their awareness of health and safety has increased due to learning the various concepts at each station. It’s a very well laid out event and the timing is perfect.’

Marita Dempsey – Scoil Ghobnatan 

‘Keep Safe was very interactive and informative for the children, with short time slots and lots of variation. It has broadened their awareness of safety in various situations and they have gained lots of new knowledge. The event is very well structured and the activities were exciting!’

Roesia Gleeson – Scoil Ghobnatan

 ‘Keep Safe Mallow has broadened their awareness of safety in both land and sea. It was extremely well organised, very informative and the children and teachers really enjoyed the day!’

Alan O’Keeffe – Scoil Ghobnatan

‘Keep Safe’ Nenagh has been a great experience for my class. It’s reassuring that they are now more aware of their own personal safety heading in to the summer months. It was well organised and the small groups are ideal for the scenarios, which were excellent.

George Hannigan, Nenagh CBS Boys School

‘Keep Safe’ Nenagh was a very positive experience for my students! It was well organised with a lovely range of activities taught by professionals and I believe it will really help our students make better decisions regarding their safety in the future.

Gary Prout, Nenagh Carrig National School

A fantastic collaborative event which was very well organised, involving so many different agencies active in the community! Many of the children were previously unaware of the roles such as the Civil Defence and of it’s voluntary nature also. The scenarios were very well mapped out and the different stations provided many hands-on interactive engagements or discussion opportunities.

Orla McNamara, Nenagh Gaelscoil

My students both enjoyed and benefitted from their experience at ‘Keep Safe’ Nenagh. I think that the hands-on practical experience of the activities will have a hugely positive impact on their attitude to safety.  It was well organised and the ‘Keep Safe’ event was well structured, with great variety between the various stations.

Leanne Lynch, St Mary's NS