Sample Dynamic Site-Specific Risk Assessment for Ice (/Snow) Slips and Falls

Dynamic risk assessment is a continuous assessment of risk in changing circumstances, e.g. severe weather, to implement controls. The following is a sample site-specific risk assessment to be conducted in snow and/or ice conditions. Additional questions should be added as required.

Snow and Ice Dynamic Risk Assessment

Tactile Assessment

Does the walking surface look or feel slippery?    
Have you lost your footing or started to lose your footing?    
Has your vehicle slipped or lost grip?    
Has road noise in your vehicle stopped? (Can indicate sheet ice on the surface)    

Visual Assessment

Does the temperature gauge in your vehicle show a temperature below 2oC?    
Can you see the walking surface clearly to assess any hazard?    
Has the sun been shining on the frosted areas where you may have to walk?    
Are there areas where the walking surface is shaded?    
Is there ice or snow on the walking surface?    
Have you seen anyone slip?    
Are there changes in level?    
Are warning signs visible?    
Has a pathway been cleared to the premises?    
Has the pathway been sanded/ gritted?    
Are pedestrians using the site wearing special ice/snow footwear?    

Proposed Activity

Does your proposed activity add additional hazards, e.g. manual handling?    

Availability of Suitable Footwear

Do you have footwear available to allow you to proceed safely?    

Local Factors

Identify any relevant local factors here    


Proceed carrying load 
Proceed without load and hands free 
Proceed with caution (using safety footwear or additional precautions) 
Do not proceed 

Ice slips can be an important part of Slip Risk Assessment and Prevention

risk assessment approach to ice slips and falls should consider

  1. Weather
  2. Activities
  3. Locations
  4. Communication
  5. Sample Dynamic Risk Assessment

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