What ADR - TPED Approvals are There?

ADR involves the transport of dangerous goods by road, although there are requirements relating to the certification of Drivers and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers these are examinations so do not fall into the category of Licenses or Notifications.

Competent authority approvals, exemptions and multilateral agreements – participants in the carriage of dangerous goods by road may seek an exemption or an approval from the HSA under ADR / carriage regulations. Likewise, multilateral agreements may be initiated or co-signed by Ireland, by request from industry. An application form is in draft at present.   

How do I Become an ADR Training Provider?

ADR Driver Training Providers are approved by the HSA, and must hold a Letter of Approval issued by the Health and Safety Authority under the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 2007 [S.I. No. 288 of 2007] - Guidance for Providers of ADR Driver Training Courses

How do I Become an Appointed TPED Inspection Body?

The HSA are responsible for the Appointment of Notified and Approved Inspection Bodies under Regulation 9 and 10 of the European Communities (Transportable Pressure Equipment) Regulations 2004 in conjunction with The Irish National Accreditation Body, (INAB) Further information can be found in the TPED Guidance