Simple Safety Across All Sectors

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Whatever your type of business, you need to take account of health and safety in order to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Our Simple Safety toolkit is aimed at small businesses, and consists of Simple Safety Data Sheets. Hand these out to your staff or put on your notice board. These data sheets outline in very basic terms the key issues to watch out for.

Subjects range from a quick overview of what your workers' Safety Representative does, to a guide on how to prepare your Safety Statement and keep safety records.

The Simple Safety Toolkit

SubjectData Sheet
Employees' Responsibilities(PDF, 73K)
Employers' Responsibilities(PDF, 347K)
Health & Safety for Micro Business(PDF, 163K)
Incident Follow-up(PDF, 102K)
Safety Representatives(PDF, 70 K)
Safety Statement(PDF, 87K)
Stress(PDF, 468K)


If you want to make things more formal, ask each employee to sign and date the data sheet so that you have a central record of everyone's participation. It's your responsibility as the owner/manager to ensure that your employees are safety aware.

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