Pedestrian Safety in the Workplace

  • A pedestrian is a person who travels on foot. In the workplace, pedestrians can consist of employees, members of the public or visiting workers.
  • People being hit or run over by vehicles is one of the main causes of workplace fatalities. By law pedestrians and vehicles must be able to circulate safely in the workplace.
  • Visitors may be especially at risk due to their unfamiliarity with the premises and the work activities.

As an employer or person in charge of a place of work, ensure that:

  • Pedestrians and vehicles routes are separated from one another both inside and outside buildings. For further information see our Safe Workplace Information Sheet and download our poster
  • Ensure that visitors to your site are accompanied at all times unless they are familiar with your premises, traffic management system and safe systems of work.

For further information on managing pedestrian safety in the workplace see our case study and download our pedestrian safety and safety tips posters.