Duties of Shotfirer

A Shotfirer must be appointed by the Quarry Operator and hold a current registration card to carry out shotfiring operations issued by SOLAS or approved by a body in another Member State of the European Communities recognised by SOLAS as equivalent to the FETAC award under the Scheme or an award approved by a body in a state other than a Member State and recognised by SOLAS as equivalent to the award .

Only a Shotfirer or a trainee Shotfirer appointed by the Operator and under the close personal supervision of a Shotfirer may carry out shotfiring operations

Regulation 49 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations, 2008 require the shotfirer in conjunction with the explosives supervisor to carry out any shotfiring operations in accordance with the shotfiring rules and blast specification.


The Shotfirer should take due cognisance of any information available to him or her prior to loading a face for blasting. Such information will include the drillers log, any face profiling or bore hole tracking information that is available and from a physical inspection of the face to be blasted.

The Shotfirer should inform and agree with the Explosives Supervisor any significant changes to the agreed blast specification prior to loading of the face to be blasted.

The Shotfirer is required to ensure that before shotfiring is carried out there are no persons within or, who can enter the danger zone that is specified in the blast specification.

The Shotfirer is required to check that the shotfiring circuit has been correctly connected and, where electric detonators are used, to ensure they are connected correctly and the shotfiring circuit has been tested with a suitable instrument prior to initiating the blast ensuring its electrical integrity to minimise the risk of a misfire.

Before blasting the shotfirer must ensure that a warning signal is given and there are no persons inside the designated danger zone. In addition to this the shotfirer must ensure that they are in a position of safety when they initiate the blast.

Following the blast it is the Shotfirers responsibility to inspect the blast to determine the condition of the excavation face and to ensure that there has been no misfire. Following an inspection the Shotfirer shall, if appropriate to do so, organise the all-clear signal to be given but shall only allow normal working to resume when he or she is satisfied that it is safe to do so.

Detailed information on the Duties of the Shotfirer is in Part 5 (Explosives), Pages 66 and 67 of the SAFE QUARRY GUIDELINES TO THE SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK (QUARRIES) REGULATIONS 2008 including the procedures to deal with any identified misfires.