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No matter how small your business you need to manage safety. In fact you are legally responsible for the safety of yourself, your employees, and any other person that may be affected by your work activities.

Accidents and ill-health cost businesses money, in lost time, lost skills, insurance premium hikes, legal proceedings, etc. The benefits of effective health and safety management to small businesses are very significant. There is clear evidence that effective health and safety management contributes directly to overall business success. This is true across all industry sectors and amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Apart from the obvious legal and moral duties you have as an employer, consider the possible consequences of a serious workplace accident in your business. Think about managing without a key employee while he/she is recuperating following an accident. Think about the damage to your brand and your business reputation. Think about increased insurance premiums or compensation claims. A positive and proactive approach to health and safety management can minimise the potential for financial damage to your business.

The basis for the management of health and safety in the workplace is the written safety statement. The safety statement is your programme for protecting the safety and health of your employees and others who may be affected by your work. Preparing a safety statement will not in itself prevent accidents and ill health at work but by making a commitment to promoting health and safety and specifying the arrangements and the resources you have put in place, the safety statement plays a vital part in managing health and safety in your workplace. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt or sick, so it’s the right thing to do.

Managing safety is good for business and it is good for everyone!

  • Reduce the chances of an accident in your workplace
  • Improve staff morale and motivation
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Save money

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