Create a Site-Specific Safety Statement including Risk Assessment using

All business owners and self-employed workers must have a current up to date safety statement that includes site specific risk assessments for the type of work thatbesmart web flyer plan portrait is carried out. To enable you to do this simply:-

1. Register for your free confidential account at

2. Select your business type

3. Work through the applicable risk assessments for your business type and identify what controls are in place. Where controls are not in place but are required an action list of controls will be developed to be put in place

4. Download your safety statement including your risk assessments and action list

5. Review and update the safety statement template and make it site specific to the requirements of the job

6. Bring the safety statement / risk assessments to the attention of your employees or the Project Supervisor Construction Stage / Client (where applicable)

7. Make sure you update your safety statement / risk assessments when the location, tasks or activity changes or when new hazards are introduced


The safety statement template that you download contains 2 parts:-

Part A of the Safety Statement includes your policy document, safety arrangements and site-specific information which will help in managing day-to-day safety requirements on site. The following is a list of some of the templates available in the Safety Statement;

  • Method Statement Template
  • Registers e.g. Induction, PPE, Training
  • Accident Investigation Forms

Part B of the Safety Statement will include your completed risk assessments which you will develop using On completion of the risk assessment section, users will then be able to download their Safety Statement in either RTF (Rich Text Format) or PDF. We recommend using the RTF option as you can edit this version


Management Screen – Safety Statement

When you get to the management screen you will be now given the following three options; des

1. Safety Statement - The safety statement can be downloaded in RTF (Rich Text Format) and can be saved as a Word or Pages document for future development and editing or as a PDF
2. Manage Your Action List – Assign dates and people to close out controls that need to be put in place
3. Browse Hazards – Here you have access to all hazards on Select any additional hazards that you have in your workplace and risk assess them. You can then print and include them in your safety statement