Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety

Every year, a significant number of people are killed by accidents involving vehicles in the general workplace, and many more people are injured. Workplace incidents also result in consequential damage and costs to the business. The Quarry Industry is no exception, within quarries there are significant vehicle movements and often there is interaction with pedestrians. Quarrying is a specialist activity involving some of the largest items of plant.

Within a quarry there are a number of significant hazards involving vehicles such as tipping, loading, excavating, transport on haul roads, open edges, work close to water, reversing operations, interaction with contractors and visitors either in vehicles or as pedestrians  and with the workers at the quarry.

It is therefore essential that the operation, maintenance and movement of vehicles is managed at a quarry so that risks are minimised and this requires a multi-faceted approach that should be contained in an overall traffic management plan.


Quick Hitches on Excavators/Telehandlers

There have been a number of serious accidents involving falling buckets or other attachments on Excavators and other equipment where the quick hitch has not been correctly installed. Semi-automatic quick hitches should be replaced with manual or fully automatic hitches. Only manual or automatic quick hitches should be available on new equipment.