Management of Health and Safety


The employer/owner must ensure a reasonable level of safety on board the boat. This includes:

  • The design and maintenance of the boat.
  • Safe means of getting about the boat.
  • Safe machinery and equipment.
  • Safe methods of working.
  • Adequate information, instruction and supervision of employees.
  • Provision of appropriate safety clothing and equipment.

The employer/owner must regularly overview safety and record this in the Safety Statement.


A self-employed person must take similar care of their own safety.


On board a fishing boat the skipper is responsible for day to day management of safety. The skipper must review all safety measures before leaving port.


Those who work on the boat must do so in a safe way. This means:

  • Using all safety equipment provided.
  • Complying with all required safety measures.
  • Letting the skipper know of any safety problems encountered.

For further information, see the Managing Health and Safety in Fishing guidance document.