Accidents involving machinery range from amputation of a finger, hand, foot or entanglement of a person which may result in a fatality. In rough seas, the risk of falling onto a machine is higher due to the sudden and unpredictable motion of the boat. As fishing boats vary in size so does the size and complexity of the machinery on board. All machinery must be suitable for the loads expected, securely mounted and suitably guarded. Machinery guards are essential to protect the dangerous rotating or moving parts of a machine from accidental contact.

Reducing the Risk

To reduce the risk of injury ensure:

  • The initial installation and commissioning of all machinery is to a high standard.
  • Adequate instruction and training is provided so that people are competent to use the machinery safely.
  • That the manufacturer's instructions are readily available and that you read and are familiar with them.
  • That servicing and maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Guarding is in place to prevent accidental contact with moving parts.
  • Adequate supervision is provided when instructing or training new crew members or young workers.
  • The machine is isolated before carrying out any maintenance or repair work and those carrying out the work are competent to do so.
  • That any defects are reported to the skipper immediately.