Fitness to Dive

Alcohol and Tablets

Diving at work requires a high degree of physical and mental fitness. Although a diver may possess a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers, this does not necessarily mean that the diver is fit to dive on the day of the dive.

Diver's Duty

Divers must not dive if they are not in good health or are in any way unfit (physically or mentally) to do so. Even a minor illness (for example, a common cold or a dental problem) can have serious effects on a diver under pressure and should be reported to the diving supervisor before the start of the dive. Regulation 17(4) of the Diving Regulations requires that "a diver shall not take part in a diving project if unfit to do so and should immediately inform the diving supervisor should he or she become unfit to dive during a diving project". Failure to do so may endanger other members of the dive team and is considered an offence.

Diving Supervisor's Duty

Regulation 14(5) of the Diving Regulations also states that "a diving supervisor shall not permit any diver to take part in a diving operation if, in the opinion of the diving supervisor, that diver is not fit and competent to dive". A diving supervisor who permits an obviously unfit diver to dive endangers the other members of the dive team and commits an offence.