Vehicle Access

The ground at a quarry is often uneven and may present a hazard to a driver working there.

It is important that the operator always checks for uneven surfaces before stepping down from the vehicle and where there is a known issue at a place where operators often alight the vehicle then corrective action should be taken to rectify and issues. Also note that slips and trips are often contributory factors in falls from vehicles.

The majority of falls from vehicles occur when people are getting in and out of the vehicle or working at height on the vehicle. The need to work at height should be avoided where possible and where it is necessary then on-vehicle fall protection systems or on-site systems should be provided such as cat-walks, collective protective fall measures such as soft landing systems or personal restraint or fall arrest systems, whichever is most appropriate.

Vehicle Access

Drivers should be trained in mounting and alighting vehicles and should always keep at least three points of contact with their hands and feet when climbing in and out a vehicle and should be provided with suitable footwear. Operators should never jump down from the vehicle.

Access points should be checked, maintained and repaired as part of the vehicle maintenance scheme