Uses of Explosives

Explosives are used in a number of industries and locations in Ireland. They are used extensively in underground mining and surface hard rock quarrying operations. They are also used frequently in the construction industry for the development of new roads, excavation of ground for the foundations of buildings or basement areas and in demolition work.

Types of Explosives

There are many types of explosives used in Ireland and these include ANFO, which is a mixture of Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (Diesel), pumped emulsion which is a liquid explosive, gelignite based cartridge explosives, and shock tube compressed gas explosives. Explosives require initiation and this is achieved through the use of detonators, detonating cord and in rare cases detonating fuse.

Who Can Use and Handle Explosives?

There are strict controls on who can be involved in the transport, storage and use of explosives and explosive products and a qualified shotfirer is always required to undertake blasting operations. In addition to health and safety legislation on the use and storage of explosives there are also legislative requirements enforced by Inspectors from the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.