Driver Selection and Training

Workplace transport accidents can often be attributed to the vehicle or mobile work equipment being operated by untrained drivers or inadequately trained drivers.

Workers should only operate mobile plant or an ancillary vehicle on a quarry if they are capable of doing their work in a way that is safe for them and other people and they are competent by way of sufficient training, experience, knowledge and other qualities to undertake the duties assigned to them. With most mobile plant at a quarry operators are required to have undertaken a course of training and be the holder of a valid QSCS card for that item of plant.

mechanical loader

Mobile Plant Operators should undergo a site induction and be given relevant information and instruction on the hazards and control measures associated with site traffic and made familiar with local site rules and procedures.

Non--English speaking operators / drivers employed should have the rules communicated to them in a manner they can understand and checks carried out to ensure they understand.

Poor driver attitude, horseplay and driver error also contribute to many workplace transport accidents. With appropriate driver selection, the provision of instruction, information and training and adequate supervision, the risk of workplace transport accidents and incidents can be significantly reduced.

It is important that care is taken when selecting persons to drive vehicles in a quarry. It is important to ensure that they:

  • have the correct safe attitude to workplace transport and,
  • have the ability to perform the job in a responsible and competent manner.

Appropriate selection will require an evaluation of age, experience, driving record and maturity, as well as attitude.

In addition to this it is important that the operator is sufficiently fit and healthy to drive safely and not put themselves or others at risk. Consider the employee’s physical fitness, such as health, eyesight, hearing and mental ability to carry out the job. Where possible, match the particular vehicle requirements, the task and situation with the driver’s fitness and capabilities.

Do not allow anyone who is unfit due to drugs or alcohol to drive a vehicle.

If the driver has previous experience, assess them to ensure that they are competent.

The HSA have prepared an Information Sheet  called ‘Workplace Transport Safety - Safe Driver’.