Detergent Regulations

The Detergents Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 entered into force on 8 October 2005 and is designed to control the adverse effects of detergents on the environment. The objective of the Detergents Regulation is to harmonise the rules relating to the biodegradability of surfactants in detergents by applying requirements relating to restrictions or bans on surfactants on grounds of biodegradability.

The Detergents Regulation covers the manufacturing, placing and making available on the market and use of detergents. Any natural or legal person responsible for placing a detergent or a surfactant for a detergent on the market must comply with this regulation.

The Regulation applies to the following:

  • Manufacturers/Producers of detergents
  • Importers of detergents
  • Any person changing the characteristics of a detergent
  • Any person changing the labelling or packaging of a detergent
  • Packagers working on their own account (e.g. company A purchases a detergent in bulk from company B and re-packages the detergent with its “own” name on the box)

Further information on the Regulation can be found on the European Commission website here.