"Keep Safe" Quiz


Have you participated in a "Keep Safe" event in your area?

If the answer is YES then perhaps you would like to try this quiz and see how much you remember about health and safety.

If you know very little about "Keep Safe" give the quiz a try and see what you can learn.


1. Read each Question

2. Click on 'Answer' to access each agency/organisation's website to find your answer.

3. Write your answers on your worksheet.

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National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management

Q1  What is the minimum number of smoke

     alarms you should have in your home?


Q2  What are the four things you should do in the event of fire?



Civil Defence

Q1 What services can Civil Defence offer to the Community?


Q2 What information should you give when you make an emergency call?


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Construction Industry Federation (CIF)

Q1 Name one safety course that the Construction Industry Federation provides for construction workers Answer


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ESB Networks

Q1 If you see a fallen electricity wire on the ground what should you do to stay safe?


Q2 What should you look out for if you are flying a kite, fishing or playing where there are tall trees?



        ESB logo

An Garda Síochána

Q1 What new technology do the Gardai use to encourage drivers to stay within the safe speed limit? Answer



Q2 If you are a Garda in the Road Transport Unit, name two things you might have to do? Answer

         Garda logo

Green-Schools Travel

Q1  When cycling to school what colour bike lights must you have?

          Yellow and red

          Orange and red

          White and red


Q2  When you are walking to school where is the safest place to cross   the road?

         at a bend in the road

         beside a parked car

         at the pedestrian crossing

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Health and Safety Authority

Q1 Who participates in the "Keep Safe" programme? Answer



Q2 What is the most commonly used definition of a hazard? Give one example of a hazard. Answer


Irish Coast Guard

Q1 What number do you use to call the Irish Coast Guard Service in an emergency?Answer



Q2 What is the name of the voluntary rescue team nearest your area? Answer

         Irish Coast Guard logo

Irish Water Safety

Q1 What telephone number should you call if there is an emergency on the water? Answer


Q2 What must you wear at all times when you are boating? Answer

        IWS logo

Irish Mountain Rescue

Q1 Who provides the Mountain Rescue Service? Answer

Q2 How many Mountain Rescue teams operate in Ireland? Answer

        Irish Mountain Rescue logo

Local Authority (road safety)

Q1 What is the role and responsibility of the school warden or lollipop lady or lollipop man? Answer

Q2 In the Safe Cross Code, what are the six codes to cross the road? Answer

             summer driving car


Q1 What are the three most common types of injuries caused by livestock on farms?


Q2 List three key risk areas to child safety on farms


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 Bus Eireann

Q1 If you must cross the road after getting off the school bus, what must you remember to do?


Q2  Where should you stow your schoolbag on board the school bus?



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The HSA "Keep Safe" Programme is facilitated by Junior Achievement Ireland

Further details on the "Keep Safe" programme are available online or by emailing educationunit@hsa.ie